Yoga Hike

Relax with a Yoga Hike on Saturday, September 3, 2022!

As the name implies, Yoga Hiking is yoga in soothing forest environment. Yoga hiking combines yoga elements improving body and mind and the calming effect of the Finnish forest.

The yoga hike consists of a few kilometers of hiking, a yoga session and a relaxation exercise. Yoga hiking uses yoga asanas that open the body and senses nature with all five senses.

According to research, "forest baths" e.g. lower blood pressure, boost metabolism and relieve depression. In addition, the forest improves alertness and concentration.

Welcome to a great yoga hike on Saturday, September 3, 2022!

Your yoga instructor is Karri Takko, the father of the family, a wellness coach and a yoga teacher. “I went to my first yoga class over ten years ago in India, after that yoga has been big part of my life. I have later visited India several times, the birthplace of yoga, to practice and learn more. In my lessons, I combine the movements and exercises I experience as the best. Now I teach traditional Indian exercises in Finland and I try to combine the effectiveness of the exercises in a way that suits us to the north, of which forest yoga is a good example. ”


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